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comtroller. >> people lie about their taxes and not having paid their taxes and tall rest and that is -- you lied about illegal activity. >> i lied about personal sexual activity, yes and i did that. i'm not trying diminish it. >> you were not lying about an affair. you were lying about illegal activity. >> that's correct. >> you are saying that lying about illegal activity is not applying here. >> was that other guy "morning joe," i do not watch that show, it's on way too early. it gets emotional. >> what has changed from five or six years ago personally of who you are? >> a lot of pain. a lot of pain. >> that's it? >> yep. >> you go through that pain, you change. >> all right. former governor he will idiot spitzer, thank you very much for coming on the show. >> right after that, he just lunged at her and tried to give her the tongue, disgusting. you know who will never change? this cat. well, that was interesting, diane you claim to be a woman. do you believe that spitzer has paid enough of a price, should he get another chance or will this put his family through hell? >> it sounds like so
not be long before we had that dirty letter word, value added tax nell neil some of the underpinnings for it, to your point, is this idea that the underpinning is falling apart. not enough young people are signing up. they were going to bet u buttress this. low wage americans cannot afford it. the uninsured aren't sure they want to be part of this. so there's no one paying into this and delaying the employer provision that would be a big chunk of the money ain't there. so you have to tax. you have to do something. you have to hit up people like you or whatever. >> by the way, even if the employer provision had not been delayed, neil, one of the things that a lot of employers were saying i'll pay the $2,500, and i'll put my employees in the government-run exchanges, and it's cheaper for me but more expensive for the taxpayer. i believe also we move -- if we move forward with the implementations of obama care, thick at some point there will have to be some extra cash and the reason i predicted a value added tax, this is something we saidle at the wall street journal, if you want a european sty
a fortune to the treasury and we're going to have to raise taxes. >> bill: the congressional budget office. >> that's the bait and switch. >> bill: that's the cbo you were referring. >> to the cbo isn't acting wantonly it. it has to follow what's written in the law. what obama did is put all the bait and switch stuff in the law which created the estimates that it would be okay. now all of these measures are removed and now we can starkly see how much it will bankrupt the treasury. >> bill: let me break this down so even i can understand it, all right? you know how i am. >> a simple man i have been told. >> bill: beyond simple into a realm where we really don't have a descriptive adjective. >> don't worry i will come up with one. >> i'm sure you will. >> bill: the president's vision that he put forth to the american people that this new obama care law which is an income redistribution play give poor people who can't afford insurance the same access to healthcare as the rich people or the affluent people. it wasn't drive house cost down. you are saying no do you assert that president obama k
that brit hume, bill o'reilly and everybody else is paying through their tax receipts. giving them free insurance. but now comes word i love. this they sneak it out like we're not going to get it on monday? do they think we are not going to see this we can't really verify obama care. so that anybody who applies for this subsidy, the free insurance can pretty much get it even if they are making $800,000 a year. and i'm going to myself: this is insane. am i wrong? >> well, no. you are not wrong. and, you know, i think they were always going to have to rely to some extent on the say so of the applicants. remember, too, bill, one of the problems they are having is now that they have postponed the employer mandate, the easiest way for them to know which employers are providing insurance and which are not is gone, at least for a full year after this program is supposed to start. that means that when people apply for and obama care subsidy, onef the requirements is that you not be getting insurance already through your employer. well, the easiest way to verify that is now gone. so, in addition
-- >> neil: the honor system? >> just we do on the income tax. the honor system. if you make $45,000 or less, you might be eligible for some tax credit to get insurance, but it's just your word. >> neil: what troubles me, most people are good people, they'll be honest, but there are a lot of people who won't be, and that's double dipping and gouging the system. >> of course. happens in medicaid, happens in food stamps. >> neil: i thought this had all the provisos. >> at the end of the day who is going to do the checking? the irs. imagine how convent prior to the 2014 elections, how convent for you to get a phone call from ther is and is say, by the way, mr. neil, i see here you are asking for tax breaks for your health insurance. we need more information. we need more -- >> neil: wouldn't the irs already know that? >> not necessarily. not a question they have. and basically you're sort of -- the irs just goes with your income, what you make and all that, and it's predicated on moneys you paid last year, not the year you're currently in. and the irs -- this will be an audit -- don't wants a o
. the obama irs grilled te party groups in order to get tax exempt status, but obama care subsidies they rely on self reporting without further veriction. and the best part of it is, the reason they gave for waving the veriction requirement. and i am quoting them. it was not feas ebl to check the eligibility of individuals. so we are learning from the obama administration amazingly that it is not feasible to check the eligible of tens of millions of americans complying with regulation. this bill is so massive and complicated and so unwieldy that the obama administration admits it cannot implement obama care. >> would you rather just give the irs, the vast expansion of power and money to double check all of the tens of millions of people. on one hand you don't want the obama involved in obama care. but then give the irs the power to enforce the mechanism. you guys want the irs involved or in the involved. as they say you are damned if you do or don't. you will get beat up on any of the issue. >> i tell you what i want. i want obama repeated. >> it is not happening my friend. >> your own party
. >> here with reaction frank luntz. people don't trust government. we talk about spending cuts and tax increases, we only get the tax increases. >> something has to be done. we just finished a poll of republican congressional districts and significantly, there's a high percentage of americans who want immigration reform as long as possible. >> i think we have a mic problem with, you let's go to juan. >> we said we would secure the borders in 1986, 2006. guess what, borders still aren't secure. would you be against doing it first? >> i think we've done it. i don't think there's any question. a lot of what you're talking about here is president bush, you're talking about paul ryan, the wall street journal editorial page. you're talking about good conservatives who say the party is naval gazing and the house republicans are -- >> you didn't address my problem. instead of dealing with immigration reform, would you have a problem securing the border first? >> i did answer, i tell you, it's already done. what we're talking about now is going from 86 to 96% secure. basically, what you're talk
they will pay for with government money that they will collect from taxes. they collect your tax money, try to sell you on the product that you don't want. >> exactly. >> is anybody paying attention to this? >> everybody is. basically we are sick and tired of it, terry. while you have been gallivanting, i have been following this. jessie, you don't get health care where you work at the phone key i don't s kiosk at the mall. >> and what is worts is all i can eat is aunt annie's pretzels. >> they smell so good. >> the cinnamon ones. >> i saw, first it upset me they are pushing it back. that means all of the employees won't get health care for another year possibly. then i read that cancer is taking a year off. so -- >> there you go. >> terry. >> sir. >> they are saying it needs to be simplified for businesses. what about the rest of us idiots? if mac truck doesn't know how to do it how will i? >> the individual mandate, as i understand it, is still in place. joe q citizen is on the hook for this and if he doesn't get health insurance will be penalized. the nfl, the nfl is apolitical. no they
/6 of the economy, to raise taxes on small business men and women. raise taxes on middle class people, to come between doctors and patients. look, let the states do this. get it right. they have fail completely in lowering the cost of health care. >> i hope you come back on the 17th when letters are supposed to be answers. thank you. thank you. >> comin humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? (announcer) take their taste buds for a little spin with more than 50 delicious flavors. friskies. feed the senses. >>> first she was his madam, now she's his political opponent. the exnew york governor, eliot spitzer is running for comptroller. and one of the libertarian candidate for comp comp troll lever is a madam. >> i hope that my record as attorney general as a prosecution, as governor is what the public w
. most of the numbers were said to be of donors to tax exempt political groups. >>> it will soon be legal to carry a concealed weapon in illinois. this afternoon, the land of lincoln became the last state in the nation to allow it. lawmakers voted to override changes made by democratic governor pat quinn to a bill they approved more than a month ago. the court struck down the state's concealed quarry ban last december. all other states as you know have already passed laws permitting the carrying of concealed weapons. >>> you'll be shocked to find out how many of your neighbors are being fed by your tax dollars. a big number. "the grapevine" is next. ♪ (announcer) flavors this delicious are worth searching for. friskies. feed t senses. >>> and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. eye pops numbers out tochbtd, one in three americans gets help from the government just to put food on the table. the agriculture department errs mates 101 million people get food assistance of some kind. the assistance includes food stamps and school lunchings and other programs at a total pric
or a penalty or a tax, whatever you want to call it. the law still stands for that. so if the president has the authority to delay one part, i think he ought to delay all of the parts, and then i don't want just a one-year delay, i want to permanently delay or actually repeal this entire health care law which i think as somebody that's practiced medicine for a long time, listened to my patients, this isn't what they're looking for if health care reform. gregg: yeah. well, the cbo indicates this delay's going to cost taxpayers about $10 billion, that after the cbo already determined that the cost of the affordable health care act is really double, up to $1.8 trillion. maybe you could rename it the unaffordable health care act? >> many people have done that. you know, they came out with another 606 pages of regulation on friday, july 5th. it wasn't because they wanted the world to know about it, and even the state of massachusetts has now applied for a waiver because, gregg, you brought up waivers? they've applied for a waiver from parts of the health care law. and the president says that his
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after chaos on the streets. with anti-americanism rising, time to stop sending your tax dollars to egypt? i'll ask senator rand paul when he joins me after the break. >>> legal experts live in studio with reaction to all of the highlights from day ten of the george zimmerman murder trial. stay with us. [ mortazavi ] i'm definitely a perfectionist. details are really important during four course. i want to make sure that everything is perfect. that's why i do what i . [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's just $14.99. start your feast with a choice of soup, then salad, plus biscuits! next, choose one of nine amazing entrees like new coconut and citrus grilled sim or linguini with shrimp and scallops. then finish with dessert. your four course seafood feast, just $14.99. [ mortazavi ] everything needs to be picture perfect. i'm rezaculinary manager. and i sea food differently. i'm rezaculinary manager. they're the days to take care of business.. when possibilities become reality. with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free
percent. democrats are saying government operations require a fully functional tax agent. >> how do you talk about efficiency and effectiveness in government and then cut an agency that is supposed to be paying for these various functions we have here. >> believe it or not the irs is scheduled to pay out big bonuses this year. almost $100 million worth. that is despite a director of a white house trying to clamp down on these things. national treasury employees's union they say this pool of bonus money is guaranteed under the union contracts. doug luzader live for us in washington. thanks, doug. >> $130 billion that's how much the new regulations could cost this year. that's according to a brand new study from the american action forum. where is all of that money coming from? here are camps for you. more than 5 billion for battery charger standards. 2.6 billion are exchanges and appeals related to obama care insurance exchanges. >>> egypt military leaders tirn rum plan as they amend the nation's constitution and hold new parliamentary and and the plan by the pro more see brotherhood. co
. truck drivers are v. gone on strike to protest a 35% tax on their wages. some 15,000 demonstrators flooded the streets of the country's capital city buenas aries. you can see them beating drums and holding signs. the strikes affecting everything from food distribution to mail and newspaper delivery. india. a sand artist put the finishing touches on sculptures of hindu gods. it's a thousand-year-old tradition in which people pulled giant cherries through crowds chanting ancient hymns. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. onshepard: we're voting a vote from texas' controversial abortion bill after another day of tough debate in the wake of that marathon democratic filibuster in the state senate. we'll get a live update on that. and, just in to fox news, from fox news. there is a brand new face in the fox news family. i bet you will recognize her. the announcement coming mommy's from now. when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. still doesn't fe
for a subsidy for health care, you qualify for a tax break and there is not a system really that is going to check what you say. the new rules are being revealed just days after the employer mandate, a central component of the law was delayed for another year until 2015. both of these things work together. david drucker senior correspondent for the "washington examiner" joins us now. why are we learning about the change to subsidies? and we realize there will not be a lot of oversight. why is that happening? >> we'll need to find more about this, jenna, but the bottom line here the law is extremely unwieldy. it's big. it's large. as the executive branch goes about making up regulations and rules that are supposed to reflect the spirit of the legislation, they're finding that it's difficult and they're finding that it is going to be very difficult to run smoothly and i wouldn't be surprised in this particular case if they're worried the only way they can check these things out in terms of who is eligible for subsidies would be such a way to possibly deny people who are eligible or think th
. they were for taxes and political groups and the problem was uncovered by public.resource opinion com, and as many as 100,000 numbers may have been exposed on this. the access to the site has been removed and the irs is assessing the situation. no take on how much damage for those out there floating social security numbers while they were there. >> all right. so we are getting reports of problems for president obama's health care law roll out. in the last couple of months, it is one head loin after orth with these. including a story on may 2nd about part- time workers and how they could get their hours cut so employers don't have to cover health insurance and they would lose out on health insurance at work. and this head loin on john 13th, associated press noted that the president's health care law may be unaffordable for low wage workers and the a p reported that getting face time with the family doctor is harder and you will mote a lot of people who have health insurance and that make its tougher to see the family doctors and in the last week we saw the beg news on how the administr
's the reason why. these are akin to large taxes on the american economy and especially american producers whether it's producers of electricity or manufacturers or transportation sector. and i believe and a lot of economists agree with me on this that the effect of in this will not be to reduce carbon emissions which is what these are intended to do, but rather to lose jobs and production in america and move it overseas to countries like china, india, mexico which, by the way, gregg, have worse environmental standards than we do. so the iron know of this, this may -- irony of this, this may lead to more emissions of carbon and methane into the environment than if we hadn't done these regulations. gregg: and higher costs for consumersesome. >> no doubt about that. the biggest concern is not so much prices, but they will be affected, it's jobs. a lot of people in the coal mining industry, a lot of people in the manufacturing sector, and these are union jobs, by the way, gregg. very worried about what's going to happen to their job if we increase the prices and put, you know, one of the effe
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)